loving me

loving me

Friday, October 29, 2010

Saturday, October 23, 2010

new york city. the place i dream i will live some day. i am going to do anything it takes to get there.i will finish high school, graduate collage in a fashion degree. i want to be in fashion be the women that other women look up to,who see me as a women that grow up in a small down called Pleasnt grove and moved to new york city and became a huge part in the fashion world. so i will keep my grades up and work hard in everything and hopfuly get to NYC.

XOXOX you know you love me

Sunday, October 17, 2010

the funnest video you will watch

we were so flippen bord at the game so we made aton of weird videos hahah. sorry if we get very annoying. oh and this is me and my friend hunter we have simanary together and we are ballroom partners. we first start off by doing a thing i did at lunch with my friends were you have to look at eachother and you cant laugh. which is harder then you would think then i really dont know why i was laughing so hard cause its not that funny inless you were actully in ballroom at the time.when we were learning how to do the chacha and i got excited and started to do some freaken ausome moves that made hunter laugh so hard he was on the floor crying

Ashelys routine

i mite do the secont video were you can actully see ashely but im dabating on it cause she drops ivory more then once. oh the cheerleaders did the routine with the drill team. hahaha which cheer and drill do not get along with eachother . hahha trust me i would know


i joined FFA. if you dont know what that is its Future farmers of america. hahahah the only reason i toke it was beacuse sierra and tatum told me i would love it. which i dooooo. i think its the best club you could ever be in. we go on field trips like the state fair and to snow collage. so if you are looking for a club to join please join FFA P.S im going to be a officer nxt year yay me

so dang cute

i found these picture on the web and thought they were the cutest thinkg ever. so being a werido i am posting it on my blog so you can think there cute to or just think im weird.

taylor swift

i love taylor swift. latly ive been watching a thing on taylor swift about her music videos and stuff so i decited to do a thing on taylor

Saturday, October 16, 2010

this is so going to be the way i dress my girls when i become a mom

i love my friends to death. they make school so freaken fun. for example we roll down a hill in a tire hahahah do some things that make us laugh so hard and we all have to support each other by going to football games and watch ashely and kass cheer